How To Write Clickable Content For Social Media

How To Write Clickable Content For Social Media

The best way to make or write any of your content go viral is to take help of the social media. There is this indispensable power within social media that can help almost avery content marketer to take their content to all the high platforms and enhance the reach of the same. But, not avery content marketer or social media strategist is able to do the same. The reason behind the same is that the content isn’t enticing or clickable.


When it comes to the use of social media for enhancing content reach, there is an immeasurably high competition. There are plenty of pages, public figures and communities on the social media, each of which are working hard to take their content on the zenith. It really is a task to write content that interests users and forces them to click on the same. Hold on till the end of this blog and you will know some of the best ways to write wrote content that stands apart on social media.

Strategies for writing clickable content

Here are some of the ways you can strategize your content before writing to make it clickable on the social media: –

  1. Focus on readability and relatability

Most of the companies generally work for a large and wide audience and the best way to regard each of the multiple types of audiences is by writing in active voice. Readability and relatability are the most important aspects that determine the fate and the ranking of the content and therefore, avery piece of content that you share on social media must be easy to read and quick to relate.

  1. Call To Action

Sharing information and facts over the social media is a great way to grab attention of your potential clients and the same way you can direct the traffic to your own website. This is all don with the help of call to action. Make sure that you include it in the most subtle way so as to seem genuine to the audiences and the same can help you way too much for making the audiences click at the content.

  1. Add visual content

When it comes to make audiences click through the content, the most important thing is to grab the attention of your audiences. This is achieve by doing the best possible way by attaching some visual content in the form of visual graphics or videos which will attract the audiences even more.

  1. Make it social media optimized

There is a difference between writing for google and writing for the social media. Therefore, the content that you publish on your different platforms must be optimized in accordance with each and avery social media platform that you use for publishing that particular article. It wouldn’t be much of a hassle just a few changes here and there and you are good to go!

So, these were a few steps that could be used for writing content that conditions your audiences to click through the content. There are plenty of other ways of doing the same thing and you can experiment, explore and reach to these ultimate strategies on your own.

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