TradeX1, the forex specialists with a proven track record

TradeX1, the forex specialists with a proven track record

The forex market is the most liquid and largest market around the world. Daily trading averages over $5 trillion. This surpasses all the stock markets combined volumes. Trade X1 offers the technological tools necessary for successful worldwide online trading. These tools comprise of data analysis software, stock charting, and trading platforms. offers a highly skilled support team ready to offer any assistance whenever a need arises 24-hours a day, six days a week. The support team can be contacted through a live chat, telephone conversations, or by email.


TradeX1 offers various trading solutions that ride on the company’s philosophy of allowing all their clients to experience the Algo trading program. Algo trading comprises of algorithms that are aimed at identifying and offering trends that assist users to achieve their financial goals at their defined terms. These algorithms are known to exploit any market situation and make the best out of it. Algo trading considers the buying and selling of side volume flows, target and stop prices, market analysis, trading strategies, and signaling of industry-leading technologies.

When it comes to the management of risk, TradeX1 deploys various tools to reduce risks. These tools have been successful in ensuring the company doesn’t collapse like other failed trading companies. These tools include CFD’s, options, and forex. The company’s goal is to ensure the customers benefit from long-term returns despite the increasing risks experienced in the trading industry. By taking their management teams to international trading fairs, the company has managed to maintain their successful track record in the financial markets.


The various accounts available depend on the customer’s deposit amount which can vary from 500 to 25,000. The micro account is the sticks to user-friendly operations while maintaining favorable trading conditions. It is mainly designed for people who are new to the trading industry or those who want to trade on a small level. Micro account holders have the option to choose their trading platform between mobile trading, web-based trading, and downloadable platform trading.

For the traders who may want to begin with a balanced trading perspective, the standard account is best for them. This account is known to surprise many new investors since the initial investments are known to grow substantially with time. Forex and indices are common trading instruments that are available to standard account holders. The silver account is the next step after the standard account. This account offers daily analysis that users can use to make decisions. Point to note here is a minimum set amount is to be maintained with this account type. Forex, indices, stocks, and commodities are available for trading with all standard accounts.


Given that gold is nowadays important when it comes to international trade, online traders can trade with this precious stone using a Gold account. Well trained support teams are at your disposal to offer trading advice to enable the customer trade with ease. Gold accounts are flexible, they enable customers to trade a wide range of business areas without wasting time. Gold account holders can trade with any monetary denomination they find suiting across the world. There also exists a VIP account for those with the least bargaining standard lots. VIP accounts offer the trading experience whereby clients are entered into trading contests. For you to experience all Trade X1 accounts, be sure, to begin with at least a demo account. This will give you a taste of how sweet online trading can be. Islamic accounts are also available for those who keep off interest, commissions, or rollovers.

Given the realization of potential gain when it comes to investing in the financial markets, the MetaTrader 4 platform was created. This platform uses state-of-the-art technology to help traders make intelligent decisions comfortably. enables its customers to access this skillful trading platform that runs technical analyses on investments that you may wish to invest in.

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