Quick actions to improve your online sales

Quick actions to improve your online sales

Make it user-friendly

This might sound obvious, but your online site must be user-friendly. A beautiful, creatively designed site is always going to appeal and spark initial interest, but it must also be easy to navigate all the way through from the landing page to checkout. Sit and watch a user navigate your store and take note of where they show hesitation and confusion.


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Is it safe?

Shoppers need to know that you are a reputable seller. Have clear delivery and returns information, testimonials from past customers, star ratings, and clear contact details, and make a point of responding to customers quickly. A FAQ section is a good idea, as is social proof in the form of an active Twitter or Instagram feed.

Photograph like a pro

In a store, you can touch, hold, size and feel products, so you need to illustrate your product as well as possible online. Don’t clutter your photographs. Use a wide aperture to throw the background out of focus. Photograph it from different angles. If necessary, hire a professional photographer. Make sure your colours are accurate, and don’t omit any detail in your descriptions. Make sure everything is clear to your customers.


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Online mobile devices

According to InternetRetailing, by 2020, two thirds of e-commerce purchases will be made on a smartphone. Your mobile store needs look as fantastic as you can make it, but it has to be easy to navigate. Don’t overload the content and cause confusion. Test your ecommerce site to see how mobile-user-friendly your store is. If this is too technical for you to achieve, hire professionals such as https://www.redsnapper.net, a web development company in London.


There will inevitably be questions from your customers. Respond to them quickly, and create a FAQ section. Search through past customer communication; are there consistent questions? Provide a forum and a chat app if possible to offer an instant response.

Free shipping

Free shipping shows customers that you want their business and that you will pay their postage for them. If necessary, wrap the cost into the price of your product.

A simple life

Offer a guest checkout to save customers the time of filling out details. After all, 70 per cent of your customers will not return. Ensure there is a minimum number of steps from shopping cart to final purchase.

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