How to Prepare an Effective Sales Plan

How to Prepare an Effective Sales Plan

As a retailer or the leader of a CPG company, you surely want to promote your products and boost your customer portfolio in order to increase your turnover and improve your business development. For this purpose, you must have a well-defined sales plan. The sales plan is a way to organize your strategy over time. It gathers in a concrete way your planned actions over a certain period of time, as well as the means that you wish to implement to achieve your objectives.

How to Prepare an Effective Sales Plan

Develop and Contextualize your Marketing Approach

First of all, your sales plan must report the analysis of your marketing situation, the threats that may arise or why not opportunities in the market. For it to be effective, it is still necessary that your plan follows some steps. And the first one is to highlight you marketing approach. A sales plan must be parallel to the goals and the means of your company. Thus, all the marketing targets have to be taken into account. You need to segment them in order to categorize your customers and prospects properly. Take into consideration your sales channels such as physical stores, your sales site, your resellers, your account managers who are in close contact with your customers.

Analyze the situation

Once you clearly contextualize your marketing approach, you must move to a global situation and identify the causes of the problem. It is highly recommended to use a performing lost sales monitor. It will allow you to determine the real causes of the problems and to identify the solutions. The more you research your competitors, the more you go right to the heart of the matter. Whenever possible, collect data during surveys or market research. It is important to understand the consumers’ behavior, but especially the shoppers you have targeted.

The Definition of your Objectives

For most enterprises and brands, especially CPG companies, the goals focus on three main areas: the visibility, the customer acquisition and the product promotion. So, they want to convince at any price and lead the prospects to change their minds about their products. Based on overall goals, you will determine your specific objectives such as your SMART goals more easily.

Prepare the Budget

All of your business needs must be evaluated in advance. Once you have established your objectives, you must define financial and material resources for each one of them. The definition of your budget must be made as soon as possible in order to work easily with the various suppliers.

Select the Right Communication Tools

This step aims to identify the communication tools which are adapted to your objectives. No matter what action you take, you must consider the means by which you will perpetrate your campaign. For this purpose, you must consult your database to find out what are the most used means of communication by your targets.

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