PR marketing is a constantly evolving environment.

PR marketing is a constantly evolving environment.

In December and January many PR company teams make informed predictions about the year ahead for PR marketing agency specialists and consumers. At Ceres PR, a leading food and drink PR agency with an impressive history, their experts consider that the following four areas are key to 2018 in terms of challenges and opportunities.


1# – PR is growing up.

It is envisaged that in 2018, professionalism in PR marketing will enjoy a breakthrough. Professionalism in this context is being taken seriously as a management concept with discipline and strength. Recognising the value of a PR agency and its services is core to companies offering the best products and services to consumers and realising brand awareness goals.

#2 – The internet is increasingly dominant.

Life is steadily migrating online, and services continue to develop. The imminent arrival of 5G and continued progress with high speed mobile broadband will make connectivity even easier over the next couple of years, and this is a core area for PR companies.

The size of the online audiences for products and services is growing, more people than ever in the global marketplace have access to data. Staggeringly, it’s been claimed that by 2030, possibly as early as 2025, every person on the planet will have connectivity to online resources. This means that PR company specialists must be aware of media trends, the shifting landscape and consumer activity to achieve the optimum results for their clients.

#3 – Influencers.

Different platforms secure a range of influencers. As a means of creating trust these people, make-up specialists on Instagram to health experts on Facebook to baking tutors on Youtube, have the power to secure interest and build positivity with specific consumer groups. Therefore, a PR agency can latch on to this and target niche markets for maximised conversion rates.

There is concern that the content in the presentations is not always authentic and appears contrived and this encourages consumers back to traditional resources. True, to a degree but the ability of an influencer to create a long-term relationship with consumers via a paid advert and compelling content is excellent; the sell is stronger as people wish to engage in the lifestyle of the expert on screen.

#4 – Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s a challenge to be met head on.

Once the stuff of science fiction films and futuristic novels, today AI is an everyday tool. Take Amazon Echo as a leading example, Alexa can provide answers and perform tasks on instruction simply and effectively.

In the PR environment, to secure brand recognition and sell products or services, AI has great potential and brings change. In contrast to search engines, the AI does not give a list of answers it offers one, therefore tightening the process. There are algorithms and machines to negotiate; essentially PR marketing could be directed to the AI to remain optimally beneficial.

Monitoring technological developments is imperative to staying competitive. Failing to consider AI today has serious ramifications in the future.

Ensure that in 2018 a PR company helps your business to prosper.

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