Live Chat Can Help You Boost eCommerce Conversion Rate

How to Boost Your Conversion Rate by 35% with Live Chat.

I will be honest, I’m not expect that live chat will compete with phone calls or forms on conversion rate. But the data telling me that live chat played a larger role in conversion rate than other, especially with eCommerce websites.

Conversion Rate

Many potential customers are likely to ask some question before making their final purchase. If you make it easier for a customer to get the questions answered quickly, then you are going to increase sales. eCommerce live chat makes it easy to ask quick questions without a lot of work to do. We suggest you to use this best live chat software, because it is easy and powerful.

Another Way to Increase Your Sales.

After you use live chat, then you can take it to the next level by using co-browsing to help your customer. It will help your customers more with their need, here are the best co-browsing solutions you can get. Later if you want more close and personal approach you can do a phone call, it will help you maintenance you customers.

Co-Browsing Screen Sharing

It seems obvious that eCommerce websites would have phone calls and live chat options where potential buyers convert to sales. The reality is that the number of sales made outside the checkout page was pretty mind-blowing. If you want to get the most out of your marketing, you need to consider ALL conversion methods. You are probably saying to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Here are a few implementations things that has been use to boost eCommerce sales:

Live chat : Quick question to aid the checkout process.

Live chat + Phone : Several companies engage in chat and then close over the phone.

Video chat : Better approach for more close and personal to your customers.

Co-browsing : Provide real time assistance and remote support to your website visitors and customers screen in real time.

Facebook Messenger: Chat with your Facebook customers using REVE Chat from single dashboard.

– Viber Messaging: Chat with your customers on Viber messaging using your public account from single dashboard.

– Telegram Messaging: Engage with your customers on Telegram app with REVE Chat from single dashboard.

– Real-time Visitor Analytics: Get real time insights about your customers (location, history, IP address, Referral source) and personalize every interaction to improve user experience

The Ultimate Sales Machine Using Technology

Conversion Tips

Technology is rapidly disrupting the world of retail and sales. Five years ago, companies may have been able to sneak by without a social media presence or a website.

Use technology to revolutionize your sales is a key part of business success.

Chat-bots on Facebook Messenger

Customers expect there to be rapid—if not immediate—responses to their inquiries on social media. In general, if they do not get an immediate response, they will abandon their inquiry, which often means going to your competition. But keeping someone on Facebook Messenger all day is expensive and impractical.

Instead of paying someone to monitor every social media channel, companies can use chat-bots that they either create themselves or hire a programmer to create for them. According to experts, business messaging apps are used as much as 9 times a day by the average consumer.

Chat-bots can answer basic questions and forward more in-depth inquiries to customer service. This can help companies preserve those precious interested customers.


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