Legalize Marijuana for Medicine

Legalize Marijuana for Medicine

Mexico continues to bomb the drug business. But on the other hand, there are demands to legitimate Marijuana for medical purposes. An exhibition is trying to dismiss the misunderstanding of the conception of the plant. Marijuana plant or cannabis always triggers controversy. On the one hand, cannabis or marijuana is considered to be one of the most destructive types of drugs. but on the other hand, more and more medical medicine benefits from plants that trigger the hallucinatory effects for the wearer.


An exhibition on Marijuana in the Mexican capital Mexico City is trying to ward off a misunderstanding of the conception of the plant. The exhibition “Expo weed” is the main objective is to highlight the medical benefits of cannabis. But not all stands that appear in the medical field. There are still many who sell “bong” marijuana suckers for “fly”.

Mexico continues to ban marijuana or cannabis business. Also, most of the perpetrators of the sale of these plants are groups of bandits or criminal gangs. Now there are increasing demands to legalize the sale and purchase of marijuana, both for medical purposes and as a counter-step for groups of bandits. But there are still many citizens and officials of the Mexican government who reject it.

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However, some activists continue to fight legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. One of them is the national parliament member, Marta Tagle. He said: “There is a lot of bias and lack of information about marijuana, such an expo is important to dismiss the stigma circulating among the public, that all users of marijuana are criminals”.

One case highlighted in the expo is the fate of an 8-year-old girl, Graciela Elizalde who has severe epilepsy. His symptoms trigger up to 400 seizures per day. The only helpers to muffle are drugs from marijuana extract, which are not in Mexico and must be imported from the United States.

Graciela’s father, Raul Elizalde, said: “We are not criminals, though using marijuana, all for the purpose of treating childhood illness. People should understand its efficacy and not just accuse us of maliciousness of using drugs from marijuana. So, you should know that the cannabis also has the benefits for medicine. Now, everyone can be Medical Cannabis Clients. Of course, through the procedures that have been determined.

Now some activists are also pressuring Mexican officials to follow in Uruguay’s footsteps, which have legalized the planting and sales of Marijuana since 2013. “With that, there will be behavioral change, there is evolution, where citizens no longer believe in marijuana myths. We want to know all aspects of this plant, organizers of the Leopoldo Riviera exhibition said. He said, hoping the Mexican people change the way of view against marijuana.

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