What Exactly Makes a Great Waiter?

What Exactly Makes a Great Waiter?

It’s easy to find examples of poor waiter service, but what does great waiter service look like?


It’s Not Perfection

While you might think that customers want flawless service, you’d be wrong. The majority of diners will roll with any genuine mistake as long as staff do something to fix it. In fact, it’s often said in customer service that the sales that go a little wrong are your biggest opportunity. When you have an unexpected situation, do all that you can to fix it and you can turn a customer into a friend.

What Is Great Waiter Service?

At its simplest, guests want to feel as though your priority is ensuring they have a great experience. How can you demonstrate that? Here are some ideas:

•       Know the menu. If customers ask for recommendations for food or from the wine list if you don’t have a sommelier, then make them. Ultimately, it is the customer’s decision, but if you can’t give an opinion it can give the impression that you don’t care about the food or their experience.

•       Be warm and friendly, but not too much. Approach them with a professional manner, but don’t push the sales. Start with a ‘Hello,’ and move from there.

•       Realise that you know more about the restaurant than the customer. If you think they are over- or under-ordering, let them know.


•       Be open to changes. While the kitchen won’t thank you if you encourage every customer to make changes to a dish, if a customer asks for something different, try to accommodate them. This might be something as simple as not including the sauce with a meal or checking whether they’d like an ice bucket for their wine or have it served straight from the cold rooms, such as those from fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms.


•       If children are at the table. Then ask if they should get their food first or at the same time. If the kids’ food comes out first, it give parents the chance to get the children settled. Before their food arrives and gives them a chance to eat in peace.

•       Be helpful when it comes to tipping. Not all customers understand about fair tipping, so some guidance may be appreciated.

For many people, a meal out only happens on special occasions. Remember that, and help your clients to have the night of their life.

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