How to Choose a Parcel-Forwarding Service

How to Choose a Parcel-Forwarding Service

According to a recent study, online shopping has increased drastically and so has the demand for imported items. Because of this new shopping trend, parcel-forwarding services are also in high demand. As a result, new services take birth every month, with most of them offering better customer support, a personalized experience, discounted shipping fees, and location-specific options. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to determine the best service for your needs. There are several factors you should consider. Careful consideration is important before you pick a parcel-forwarding service provider. Pay close attention to the following:

Business legitimacy


In the UK, reputable parcel-forwarding service providers usually have their business registration details included in the web page footer. You can verify this information with CheckBusiness and Companies House. In this way, you can get additional information about a company including its contact addresses and numbers.

For parcel-forwarding service providers in the USA and Canada, you can verify their reliability by looking for a BBB accreditation. BBB ratings range from A+ to F. Although not every organization chooses to be accredited, complaints can still be filed.

Customer service

The level of customer service offered can be a deal breaker, especially when dealing with an international parcel-forwarding service provider. As soon as you sign up and send your parcels over to this type of companies, you are locked in. Signing up with several services, logging in, and familiarizing yourself with their member area is always best. Call the company’s support staff and ask them a few questions. See how well the staff understands and responds to your queries. If you found the staff’s initial response time, knowledge and flexibility lacking, chances are you will have a tough time working with that service provider.

Service requirements

Service requirements can include sign-up fees, membership levels and software solutions. Some companies charge a small one-time sign-up fee while others are free. Some will charge a monthly fee to maintain your address while others prefer an annual fee.

Parcel-forwarding companies offer many different features. Although some of these features can be free, others will be available at a price. Besides taking your mail and depositing your checks, the most reliable companies will provide upfront cost calculations, estimated delivery times, and international shipping options, all of which can prove beneficial. Have a peek at this web-site to get started.

Global network

There are too many parcel-forwarding service providers to choose from, all claiming to be the best. Services that have a global network can ensure a secure supply chain, which is crucial for international shipping. You’ll want an organization that has developed strong connections around the world, particularly in the countries you’ll be shipping from and to. A company that has great relations in Japan is not ideal if India is your main shipping origin or destination.


The factors listed above can help you pick a parcel-forwarding service provider that offers the best value and the most desirable options. In addition to these considerations, online reviews are another viable resource, especially since around 70 percent of consumers leave a review when asked. Read the reviews provided by people who’ve used the company before and make sure you look for specific details.

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