Why Your Business Should Lease Its Printing Equipment for the Office

Why Your Business Should Lease Its Printing Equipment for the Office

Modern business dynamics are inevitably associated with digitisation, efficiency and the maximisation of resources. Often companies cannot invest too much money to buy office equipment such as printers to handle large volumes of documents. The good news is that they can choose to lease the same printing equipment and use their capital
for other business opportunities.


We asked experts in printer leasing in Reading to explain the main benefits of printer leasing deals for small to medium-sized businesses:

Advantages of printer leasing

The leasing of printers is an efficient way to use your business resources, lower costs and obtain an asset whose costs you do not assume directly. Among the many benefits offered by printer leasing are the following:

The printer leasing agreement does not represent a liability, so it helps with your balance sheets.

By opting for well-known brands, you know that you have the latest in printing and digitisation technology at your disposal.

With this option your liquidity is not compromised, since you can lease several printers at the same time without the need to outlay the capital required to purchase them.

Another important aspect is that the maintenance, repairs, and often consumables such as toner, ink, etc. are the responsibility of the leasing company from which you obtain the equipment. This can represent a substantial saving, especially over a few years.

Duration and monthly amount

Usually this type of leasing contract lasts between 36 and 60 months. At the end of it, the advantage is that you have the option to replace the equipment that normally will have 3-5 years of use. And benefit from new equipment with the latest technology at that time and above all with a price per page adapted to the market norms at that moment. That way you will always be working with advanced technology equipment.

The monthly fee will depend on the type of printer, its technical characteristics and the duration of the contract.

Maintenance included

Most established leasing companies do not only offer you professional printing equipment, but also give you a fixed price deal, which makes your accounting even easier. Printer leasing services usually include toners, drums, repairs and all printing consumables that are not paper. This means that you and your staff can dedicate yourselves to the core business activities of your company while the printer leasing company takes care of your printing equipment.

Clearly, for many SMEs without large sums of capital available for investment in office equipment, printer leasing is an ideal solution: allowing access to the latest technology at a fixed monthly cost. And without any of the headaches of looking after the equipment.

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