A List of Budget-Friendly Security Systems for Your Small Office and Business

A List of Budget-Friendly Security Systems for Your Small Office and Business

When we think of basic security, we often think of locks and bolts, as well as fences
and doors and windows that are sturdy and stable. But if you are thinking of
enhancing the security of your small office and business, you may have the
impression that a good security system is an expensive investment. This is where
many people are mistaken, however – you can still have a good security system for
your small business without having to go beyond your budget. Here’s a list of
budget-friendly security systems for your small office and business.


Monitored security alarms or unmonitored security systems

The purpose of a monitored security alarm is clear: it serves as a deterrent and as
active protection, as most monitored security alarm systems will send out a signal to
a nearby centre or station if the alarm has been triggered. The centre or station will
then send a message to the local police authorities. The more advanced monitored
security alarms work with Internet connections or landline connections, or they can
be connected to a mobile phone as well. It’s important to familiarise yourself with
the latest systems so you can choose wisely, according to Securipol, specialists in
security in Oxford and nearby areas.

You can also opt for an unmonitored security system, which simply triggers an alarm
both inside and outside your office, and often comes with floodlights or flashing
lights as well. Would-be burglars or vandals can be easily scared by such a system,
and since it is less expensive than a monitored security system (which often comes
with monitoring fees), a lot of small businesses opt for it.

Wireless alarms

Another option would be to purchase wireless alarms, which are not only easy to
install but also come with sensors, cameras, as well as motion detectors, and which
give you the additional option of flashing lights and alarms. This kind of system is
ideal if you are just starting out, although the experts would recommend upgrading
the system once you have the opportunity and resources for an upgrade.

A special outside security system

There is also a kind of security system designed to work outdoors and which
incorporates motion detectors combined with lights and a loud alarm. The system is
built to detect unusual movements or motion in particular outside areas. For
example, if a person is just walking on the pavement outside your office, the alarm
will not be triggered. But if a person is approaching a door or window, the alarm may
be set off. The alarm works as a deterrent for those who are thinking of entering
your premises, as they are often startled and may opt to leave before doing any

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