Advantages of Using Digital Marketing

While digital marketing makes it possible for businesses to communicate more directly and efficiently to consumers on a limited budget, it is still little used very little. What is the definition of digital marketing? Which Digital Marketing Agency should businesses hire? How can a small or medium-sized company benefit from its advantages?

The term “digital marketing” encompasses all practices aimed at promoting a company or brand through digital media or data. These may include:

  • The optimization of sites and applications on fixed and mobile terminals focus on the improvement of their ergonomics and their natural referencing.
  • Online communication through a website and/or social networks are designed to establish a dialogue with existing and potential customers and encourage them to take action (purchasing a product, subscribing to a subscription, etc.).
  • The creation of traffic through the diffusion of advertisements, the purchase of links on third sites or the production of quality content: newsletters or explanatory guides, for example.
  • The use of big data to anticipate customers’ consumption habits and to better personalize the messages intended for them.

Digital marketing includes subcategories such as mobile marketing for smartphones and tablets, viral marketing for social networks, or local marketing for geo-localized offers, sometimes grouped under the acronym SOLOMO (social, local, mobile). The main advantage of digital marketing is the ability to accurately measure performance by analyzing the number and duration of visits to a site and the conversion rate of these visits to purchases.

It also enables the company to develop customer relations to a level never seen before: this established proximity with consumers tend to stimulate sympathy for the brand and strengthen their loyalty. In addition, digital marketing far surpasses other forms of marketing when it comes to targeting buyers for a higher return on investment. The use of digital marketing is also a practical way for SMEs to play an equal role with major brands, knowing that the scope of their online action depends more on its creativity than on the budget available. And by using social networks exclusively, it is even possible to do campaigns without a budget. Contacting a reliable firm, however, is the first step in making all this happen.