4 Strategies to Create Standout Packaging Designs

4 Strategies to Create Standout Packaging Designs

The packaging of a product often serves as the first impression of a brand for the consumer, so the most successful companies will always try to keep their merchandise wrapped in something fresh, striking and unique. To achieve this, it is recommended you follow these four strategies and position your packaging among the best options presented to consumers.


In order to stand out as a successful brand, packaging design companies suggest four trends and strategies to package products according to the tastes of the consumer and to take better advantage of techniques applied by other international brands to increase sales.

  1. Be seasonal

One of the important ways for companies to maintain interest in the market is through making slight changes in the way of selling a product; adapting the packaging to the different seasons of the year. M&M’s is one of the most successful companies to venture into this technique. The first step is to identify how your product itself might be adapted to the annual holidays and the different seasons.

How do you get consumers to notice these new and interesting elements? By changing your packaging to embrace that specific holiday. As already mentioned, M&M’s is a leading brand in the world for introducing its characters into the minds of consumers by giving a little joy, changing colours and a touch of humour; however, you must not lose the essence of what your brand means when implementing such special seasonal designs.

  1. Befriend the environment

Especially in recent years, caring for the environment has become a highly targeted aspect for many companies. Consumers want to buy a product that makes them feel like they are doing something to help the world.

A good example of an industry trying to promote products that respect the environment is the water bottle industry. A couple of years ago, most of the major water bottling companies created new plastic water bottles that use about 50% or less plastic than the original containers. These companies found that these bottles are more cost effective, efficient and, most importantly, respectful of the environment.

  1. Customize territories

A great example of this is Absolut Vodka, known for successful experimentation in packaging with designs representative of cities and countries. They do a great job in selecting the major cities with their bottle containers, and this type of localised labelling is understandably the hardest thing for a company to do.

It is difficult to attend to different demographic groups purchasing a product. To achieve this effect, the company has to create a profile for the target audience. A lot of details, including location, age, gender and main interests are required to fully understand the way of thinking of the consumer.

The bottle of Absolut London was a collaboration with the artist Jamie Hewlett (known by the virtual brand Gorillaz). The design represents a unique take on the style and fashion of London for the past 200 years. The use of different images and concepts to reach a specific demographic is an excellent way to reach consumers.

  1. The appeal of nostalgia

Packaging changes constantly. New technologies and new trends are always emerging, but there is the rare occasion when the public can be wooed by a sentimental bond with the products with which they grew up.

Retro packaging is not appropriate for all brands, but some companies, such as General Mills, are trying to bring back retro packaging design. This goes back to the past, it generates credibility for a brand. Simple fonts and often faded colours are used, they have direct references to past times and mix it with the new and modern. The goal at the end is nostalgia.

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