What Are The Different Types Of Pond Aeration?

Ponds need aeration in order to prevent an overgrowth of algae as well as the release of gases and metals from sediment. Aeration also promotes circulation and destratification of a pond, which helps create a more friendly environment for fish and water plants. Pond owners who are looking for an aeration system have several different types to choose from.

Aerating Fountains

Aerating fountains are water fountains that pump water up from the upper layers of a pond. The water is expelled in the form of droplets that collect oxygen and return it to the pond. Fountains are beautiful to look at, and they can offer sufficient aeration for a small pond. However, a large or deep pond may need another type of aeration system.

Floating Aerators

Another type of aerator is a floating aerator, so named because it floats on the surface of the pond. Like a fountain, it pumps air from the upper few feet of the water column, and expels the water back into the pond just below the surface. Like a fountain, this type of aerator is ideal for a relatively small or shallow pond.

Sub-surface Aerators

This type of aerator uses an air compressor on the ground to pump air through a hose to the aerator at the bottom of the pond. The air is then expelled into the pond in coarse or fine bubbles, depending on the type of aerator, and as the bubbles rise to the surface, the oxygen is transferred into the pond water.

Alternative Power Sources

Pond owners who are concerned about their electricity bill may want to consider windmill or solar-powered aerators. There are some high-quality solar-powered aerators sold by living water aeration that can run for three days on battery back-up. Windmill-powered aerators are a highly cost-effective aeration solution, often paying for themselves after just a few years.

In choosing among these options, pond owners will need to consider the size and depth of the pond, what plants and animals live in the water, and of course, how much they want to spend. Investing in an aeration system is a great way to protect the health and beauty of any pond.