Legal Marketing Crisp Production Video Packages

In the legal profession, competition is increasing daily. Setting a firm apart from the crowd can determine success. A video production company, Crisp, works with law firms and independent attorneys to make high-quality videos that capture attention, highlight how the business is different, and attracts clients. The video is created to grow the brand of the firm and make a connection to potential clients. It also strengthens the online presence, increases the search engine optimization (SEO) of the website, and increases the amount of big cases brought to the firm, as well as the revenues. Most attorneys experience a high return on the investment.

There are a few packages from which to choose, ranging from a single video to marketing strategy and management services. Attorneys and firms can select the one that suits their budgets, needs, and desired outcomes. All packages include a dedicated project manager, creative direction, equipment, music licensing, travel, a high definition video, full rights to that video, and YouTube audits, set up and optimization. A free strategy meeting begins the process. The manager learns about the practice, lawyers in the firm, a history of the business, and how the group wants to be defined. Questions are answered, pricing is discussed, and the process continues once a package has been selected.

The basic package consists of one legal brand video. Attorneys can present the benefits of hiring the firm, tell a story about why the profession was chosen, or highlight success in an attempt to make an emotional connection with future clients. The Accelerator package consists of a video content library. There is one brand video created, and twelve specialty video produced as well. Those can include case studies, information about areas of practice, introductions to members of the firm, or anything else the client feels worth mentioning. This package also includes YouTube management. The Pulse package is a complete video campaign. One brand video and twenty-five educational videos are created. Added services include video content release management, marketing strategy implementation, a keyword search, and territory exclusivity. Attorneys can call or go online to view all available plans and get the process started.