Explore Kolkata on A Budget with This Guide

Explore Kolkata on A Budget with This Guide

The City of Joy, Explore Kolkata, is a beautiful holiday destination, for a variety of reasons ranging from its rich heritage to savory food and wonderful friendly ambience. So, book Delhi to Kolkata cheap air tickets for your next vacation and head over to see these wonderful budget-friendly planning that has been carried out here for you and your purse.


Get there at the cheapest rates of air tickets

It is common and distinct understanding that irrespective of whether the trip you are planning is a national or an international one, you must have decided on this journey for quite long. So, what you should be doing is to book Delhi to Kolkata cheap air tickets at the earliest, and this will vastly facilitate your range of purchasing other stuff and spending more on attractions and food items.

Staying at the budget hotels

Kolkata might be a metropolitan, but it is necessary to remember that it is not only a place for the luxurious hotels and posh restaurants. It is a place full of friendly people and pocket – friendly places to stay at. They might not be as popular as the famous and luxurious ones – apparently, but then if you are comfortable with living in the rather busier parts of the city close to the hustle and bustle, you are at an advantage.

Traveling through public transport

It is of utmost importance that you avail public transportation if you are to travel cheaply and be less hard on your pocket. Besides, public transport in Kolkata is pretty friendly for the travellers as well as the wallets of these persons. Many modes of public transport are available in plenty and there is almost no part in Kolkata that you cannot reach without public transport. Buses, trams, inter Kolkata trains and so on and so forth are widely available almost 24 x 7. Even auto rickshaws and hand-pulled rickshaws are also available for everyone at very low prices compared to all other major cities of India.

Eating at budget-friendly restaurants

Kolkata is not a place like New York or some other cities where you will find plenty of sky-high buildings with dining halls and so on and so forth. There are some restaurants spread out all around the city which have rooftop dining halls, luxurious resorts and so on, but then you would do better to skip these restaurants, as they are strictly not at all budget friendly. In case you do, then you might just have to spend the rest of your lives with a part-time job scrubbing dishes for the restaurant. You would be way better off savouring the street foods and delicacies of Kolkata. The food would be mouth watering nonetheless eating out at local and street food stalls.

Listing out all the major attractions and famous tourist destinations to explore

It would be very good if you do some homework in all aspects of life. Sightseeing in other cities like Kolkata is no exception. If you do a little research beforehand, it would be very, very beneficial. The tourism industry is a major part of Kolkata and you would do well to exploit its loopholes. Spending intelligently is the key and although it is important to visit most tourist spots, it is also a lesser known fact that the ticket fares at all these places are quite cheap and would not hurt your wallet.

There are many more wonderful places in the city than you can possibly think of. So, no more waiting – book Delhi to Kolkata cheap air tickets as soon as possible and come visit this dreamland, the City of Joy, in your upcoming vacation, and prepare yourself for a budget-friendly experience of a lifetime.

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