A brief on liftboat and jacking machine

Jack up

The primary advantage of the jack-up layout is that it offers a constant and comparatively movement-unfastened platform in the drilling function and mobilizes incredibly fast and easily. Although they at first have been designed to function in very shallow water, some more modern gadgets just like the “extremely-harsh surroundings”.


A liftboat is a self-propelled, self-raising vessel with a relatively massive open deck able to carrying device and vendors in aid of assorted offshore mineral exploration and production or offshore production sports.

Liftboats are commonly equipped with not less than one crane; Liftboats are typically used to carry out preservation on oil and fuel well systems. The liftboat charter normally actions on the place on a side of the platform in which no obstructions or pipelines are determined, lowers its legs and jack up out of the water. For the motive that the pads of the liftboat are sitting on a muddy, volatile seafloor, maximum liftboats comply with a security degree known as a preload, in which the boat jacks-up certainly the minimal to clean hull from the tops of the large wave heights, fills its holds with water for weight and allows the boat to settle in the dust for many hours earlier than dumping the water and jacking as much as worktop.

If the dust of the seafloor provides way beneath the liftboat, it may fall beneath the water and put the lives of the team at hazard. A complete web site survey earlier than shifting on location is an important protection measure to confirm that each one seafloor alternatives (like can holes, pipelines, and many others.) are acknowledged before choosing a final location.

Jacking device

After years of proof operational information and commercial enterprise needs, we advanced the most advanced excessive pace, excessive functionality liftboat Jacking System for the self-raising, cell offshore vessel business. The ABS accredited 430 Electro-Hydraulic Jacking System is meant especially for the brand new generation of self-elevating jack-up, cellular offshore vessels applied within the offshore oil and fuel business, wind farm business and specific global offshore markets.

The offshore business demands greater from the vessel: additional jacking functionality, greater speed, and more operational lifestyles.

Key features for liftboats and self-elevating vessels:

•          Smooth operation – enamel engagement and transition is smoother than others

•          Load sharing – the load is shared between a couple of teeth in line with the opinion, as a result, higher teeth-to-rack contact Longer, hole pinion shafts

•          Flexibility – this evidenced design allows the pinion to rotate barely beneath the heavy hundreds hydraulic force

•          High strength density vehicles – permits pace adjustments and much fewer opinions

•          Low inertia – they can respond to surprising reversals with less impact on the power

•          Speed is slightly varied from a creep to complete speed or any intermediate pace

•          Accurate leg loads

•          Jacking System statement

•          The network extends to diverse international locations global.